Discover the Secrets to Best-in-Class Performance in B2B Order Fulfillment


of you struggle to meet CSAT and profitability goals for this one type of customer.


How many of these customers do you serve?


of your team's day is spent recommending products and upselling.


Is that enough?




is the average goal for increasing percentage of digital orders received over the next 3 years.


Are you on pace?

Successful Conexiom Customers Include

Watch to learn how streamlining order fulfillment can unlock new levels of customer satisfaction 


Learn how to beat the clock on same-day shipping

Leading manufacturers and distributors have a better way to beat the clock every day for P.O.-backed sales orders. They have 22% fewer late deliveries and do it without increasing headcount or overtime.


Discover the secret to shipping more perfect orders

Best-in-class manufacturers and distributors have a better way to ship more perfect orders. They have 49% fewer order errors. And they do it all without changing how customers place their orders.


How to find and keep high-performing customer service reps

Manufacturers and distributors increasingly compete on customer experience: how well your team communicates, the speed and accuracy of orders, your ability to troubleshoot when things go wrong, applying your unique expertise to solving customer problems.


Eliminate uncertainty from your customer's delivery expectations

59% of manufacturers and distributors struggle to keep customers updated on delivery timing. That’s because they’re in the dark on when materials from their suppliers will arrive.


Protect your business from phishing attacks disguised as emailed sales orders and invoices

Manufacturing fell victim to more cyberattacks last year than any other industry. Phishing attacks, when one of your employees opens a fake email attachment or link sent by hackers, is a top security risk.


Choose the better way to close your digital order gap

Manufacturers and distributors are digitally transforming their order fulfillment process to boost customer satisfaction and deliver more perfect orders.

Find out the strategies these companies are implementing to boost their digital sales order rate by 20% within the next three years.


Discover this and other secrets to achieve best-in-class customer satisfaction and higher margins.

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