Unlock Profit Potential with White-Glove Customer Service by Automating Manual Data Entry

In this session, you will learn how to create white-glove customer experiences that drive repeat business. We discussed the importance of developing relationships with customers that make transactions feel like partnerships and the need for customer service and sales teams to focus on customer experience initiatives. Data from a recent MDM and Conexiom Survey indicates that CSRs only spend 40% of their day being proactive, but that percentage needs to be at least 70% to generate new revenue. Minimizing time-sinks like manual data entry to create the bandwidth your teams need to focus on developing white-glove relationships and delivering personalized customer service is imperative to your business.

We explored how you can:

  • Create resilient sales operations that scale
  • Cut costs while improving performance
  • Extract data with 100% accuracy applying your business rules and logic
  • Ensure your company is easy to do business with
  • Protect and grow revenue by focusing your team on higher value activities