On-Demand Webinar

Learn How to Spot, and Avoid, the Hidden Costs of AI-Based Automation

85% of leaders at manufacturing and distribution companies are concerned about filling jobs over the next five years, according to recent survey data. Even as the supply chain improves, the talent pipeline remains a challenge.


Productivity Inc., a top CNC machine tool metalworking distributor, found themselves in a position where they would need to hire a new full-time employee to keep up with customer orders. Naturally, they turned to automation as a solution to increasing productivity without increasing headcount. But their initial pick for automation failed to deliver the experience or ROI they expected. 

Watch now to hear first-hand how Lindsey Merritt, Tooling & Accessories Operations Manager and Carl Burman, Purchasing & Inventory Supervisor at Productivity finally achieved their goals for automation.

  • Hear why not all automation yields ROI 
  • Different approaches to automating with AI
  • Learn how Productivity Inc. evaluated and eventually selected Conexiom
  • Why time-to-value is so critical to any automation initiative
  • How they’re using the time they’ve gained back